Molten Spirit Glass
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Chris Motloch's Studio in the Woods

To make his unique pieces, Chris begins the process by melting crushed, recycled glass in a large crucible in an electric kiln. When the glass reaches 1100 Celsius (2250 Fahrenheit), it is ready to be “gathered” on the end of a blowpipe.

Then colour is added to this “gather” in the form of powdered and crushed glass, and Chris decorates the surface using a variety of techniques. Next, Chris shapes the hot glass by blowing air into it and by forming it with the use of gravity, centrifugal force, and traditional hand tools.

Once the final shape has been completed, the hot vessel is removed from the pipe, and put away into an “Annealer” to cool down slowly over night.

In the morning, fresh Molten Spirit Glass is harvested !